• Graceful Sunday Service with a Newcomers in March

    On Sunday, Gratia church held graceful Sunday Service with a newcomers. The church members gathered together and worshiped God with a sincere hearts. Title of today’s message was “Dust and Spirit.” During our time on earth, we have a spiritual and physical body. While physical body perishes as time passes, our spiritual body remains forever….

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  • Seattle Sunday Sermon Explicates Image of God : Welcomes Two Newcomers

    By the grace of God, Seattle Gratia Church is blessed with newcomer sisters joining the Sunday service on October 14th. The Sunday sermon emphasized on the image of God, taken from the scripture Genesis chapter 1. The preacher Pastor Charlotte explicated the meaning of the image of God and the meaning of the existence of…

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  • Sunday Service Preaches on Luke 15 ‘Lost Sheep’

    Gratia Community Church held a Sunday service at Gratia Community Church in Christ. This time one new family visit to church Service together. The minister preached a message from the book of Luke 15, He emphasized “The shepherd had 100 sheep, but then he lost one of them. By the way, he left 99 sheep…

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  • Seattle Church Welcomes a Guest Speaker.

    On April. 29th, 2018, the Gratia Community Church in Seattle, Washington held a Sunday service in Christ. This time Pastor Peter Tzeng, minister of the San Francisco Gratia community Church visit Seattle Gratia community Church and delivered a sermon. From John 5:1-15, he delivered a message titled ‘pick up your mat and walk’. He explained…

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  • Nov03

    November Mini Retreat

    Bible & Worship day – November 2~3rd

  • Aug10

    Summer Retreat

    On August 10-12th. Summer Retreat will be held as a large event with the churches in USA. HQ will host events where the gospel is preached and Jesus is lifted high in praise.

  • Jul07

    Church Leadership Training (Elim prayer gathering)

    When : July 7-8 Where : Seattle Gratia Community Church (1314 NE 43RD ST #202, SEATTLE, WA 98015) We will have a leadership training for potential leaders through the Romans and prayer. Romans is one of the important book in the Bible. Early Church Father, Augustine experienced conversion by reading the last several verses of…


  • We must fulfill our desires spiritually in God

    Recently, Michael studied Bible ‘Romans 1’, Today we talked about how we must remain in God and break down our idols, otherwise, we will fall into sin and fall into worshipping idols and replacing God. Galatians 5:17 For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the…

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  • “If we are having problems, we should go to God First”

    Recently, Timothy studied Bible ‘Image of God’ with church minister, He shared: “God made us love him and so he could love us. In order to return to this balance, we must learn to love God. pleasure is different than joy. we can only obtain joy through love. If we are having problems, we should…

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  • Testifies ‘God Opened My Eyes to See Him’

    Seattle church member named “Onesimus” grows well in his spiritual life through our church bible study. He didn’t know how to serve God through his life even though he knew that his life is not his own, but the best way to live well is by devotion and relying on God. He has decided to…

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