Seattle Group Bible Study: Materialism

Seattle Gratia Church held a Sunday service with a grateful heart. The members meditated on Mark 10:17-22, Exodus 32:1-4, and the title was materialism. Members studied how they should not serve two Gods in their life, and one element that we are often influenced by is money. Throughout human history and currently, we live in a world where the money is conquering our lives. People grow up believing that happiness can be obtained by gaining more money. Thus, the reason for their living tends to be all about earning a lot of money. But the question we need to ask is whether we can bring our wealth to our afterlife. When we die, all the wealth is meaningless before death. Even Solomon, who once was the wealthiest and had all the materials he wanted, stated that everything is meaningless. What’s left after our physical body dies is our spirit that breathes eternally. We need to continuously remind ourselves that our time on earth is temporary and that this time is very precious that should be utilized to gain ourselves a place in the Kingdom of God. We can only become true Christian and can be reborn when we have the faith to give up all of our belongings and follow God only. As we are not perfect, overcoming materialism can be extremely tedious because it is directly tied to our survival. However, we need to remember that God promised us a better future. When we put our faith in God first, He will provide our daily needs. God knows what’s best for us, and He always prepares better than our own plan. Let’s strengthen our faith and serve God only in our life.