Seattle Wednesday Bible Study: Breaking the Alabaster Jar

Seattle Gratia church held Wednesday bible service on the Matthew 26:6-13, Breaking the Alabaster Jar. Jesus reached out to Simon, who was a leper. People who had leprosy were isolated because it was a disease that could never be healed. People who have this disease are known to have indulged in filthy love. While nobody these days approached the people with leprosy disease, Jesus wasn’t afraid to be with Simon. Jesus had a merciful heart to approach those who fall short glory of God. Even though all of us are sinners, Jesus sought out to us, and this is a great grace we should all be thankful for. Without this grace, we are destined to die eternally. A woman named Mary comes out, and she breaks her alabaster jar and pours oil to Jesus. Jesus’s disciples did not understand the action of her and rebuked her for wasting the oil. However, Jesus understood the amazing love this woman has shown to Him and was touched by her act. While disciples were the ones who were closest to Jesus and were with Him all the time, they were not better off than this woman. They could not understand the value of love and only could see this action as a materialistic view. We all have to remember that we have been given unconditional love, and it’s our turn to give our bests to the Lord.