Seattle Sunday Sermon Explicates Image of God : Welcomes Two Newcomers

By the grace of God, Seattle Gratia Church is blessed with newcomer sisters joining the Sunday service on October 14th.

The Sunday sermon emphasized on the image of God, taken from the scripture Genesis chapter 1. The preacher Pastor Charlotte explicated the meaning of the image of God and the meaning of the existence of human lives. The Bible teaches us clearly that God created us with His own image and because of this image every individual is valuable and precious. However, many people in this world today struggle to find their value of existence because of many wrong human standards that defines human value. How should we discover the value of our life? Based on what scale should we measure our worth? The Bible teaches us that when we engrave and reveal the image of God, our value is revealed. The preacher exhorted the attendants to be the ones who seek the love of God with passion and live a meaningful life focusing on the desires of the spirit.

Below are the reflections from the members.

After today’s message about the image of God, I have an answer to what is the purpose of our lives. The purpose of our life is to love God and share his gift of love with others. My take away from today’s service is God is love and love is God

Today’s message was about creation, being made in God’s image, and how God is love. We need to have a relationship with God before anything else. When we cultivate a relationship with him frist, then we can love others. God wants us to be fruitful – to love on another. We must always strive to have the highest & strongest relationship with God.

From today’s message, I learned that we are very special beings made in the image of God. God prepared everything before us and gave us a freedom and ordered us to be fruitful and increase in number. Today’s message was a very important basic message that we are created for God’s purpose. We are created to have a love relationship (Vertical) with God. We must see what’s true purpose of our lives and love God back as God have always loved us.

When God created the world, he created for us. He made the animals and plants for us. He made us so that he could love us. He gave us all of this and all he asks for in return is that we love him back. If we do not know love then we cannot know God. In my life, I need to focus more on God and strengthen my relationship with him.

Please continue to pray for the growth of every Church members in faith and in love.