Gratia Church Starts Bible Study On University of Washington

On September 15th, 2017, the Gratia Community Church held a Bible study with one brother on University of Washington.

The minister taught him “Romans 1”, He preached from Romans 1:18-32, “In Paul, he is truly owned by the Lord. Paul doesn’t have himself inside. This is the confession of Paul that I Paul, exist only through Jesus Christ. In this phrase, the confession of Paul is in this phrase. He is confessing that he is dwelling in the love and the grace of the Lord. Paul says first the universe. When we see the universe, we could not deny God’s existence and God’s ability. In Greek universe is cosmos, which means order. the universe has precise order. Everything in this world does not exist by chance and the thing that exists has the reason for the existence.”

He also added, “what attracts me and make me focus is idols. it’s not true that idols are the statue in front of which we bow down. Though we believe Jesus we may have idols. If you worship idols, then you are being subordinated to the idols. This is the loss of humanity”

He added, “Jesus’s teaching is poor in spirit, meek, self-control, compassion, pure in heart, like this. He lived looking at only God, worshiping God, giving us all his life. Through this life, he gave all the glory to God.”

Please pray for Gratia Community Church that reveals the glory of God.