Do you enjoy your marriage or endure your marriage?

Do you enjoy your marriage or endure your marriage?


1. Are you satisfy with your marriage?
2. Do you think you marry right partner, or wrong?
3. Are you satisfy with your partner? Why?

More than 90% married persons answered no, the reason was my partner did not love me enough.

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What is the key point of marriage?

Appearance, treasure, and status are not the guarantees of a happy marriage. The broken marriages of many stars and rich people can be found everywhere. Status also cannot protect marriage, for example: prince Charles and princess Diana.

It is very hard to maintain a happy marriage, for our society encourages self-ego. Therefore, marriage should manage, or it will go to opposite way, and relationship go on badly.

If you want to have a happy and harmonious marriage, you should go back to Bible. The principle of Bible is “they will become one flesh.”

The killer of marriage:

1. The difficulty of adjustment.

2. The management of secular way, that is “required each other.” If you do well today, I will treat you well. If your behavior do not please me, I withdraw and retain my love, for I do not want to give more. When you do this in marriage, your relationship will be worse and worse. Because your spouse cannot reach your need, and your spouse has the same feeling: my spouse do not know thank. Therefore, marriage go on separately, opposite and lonely.

3. Selfish breaks unity

4. The ability of get rid of difficulties also threaten the unity of marriage. When couples face difficulties, they do not handle correctly. For example: they blame each other, not get rid of difficulties. Their pressure will double, and relationship get tension. Young couples do not have ability to solve the problems, but blame each other and break relationship. Unity means pace problems and solve problems together.
Illegal love affair

5. Except the general illegal love affair, seeking career and work overtime in order to escape family also are illegal love affairs.

Conclusion: Happy marriage need manage and follow the principle of Bible.