Sunday Service Preaches on Luke 15 ‘Lost Sheep’

Gratia Community Church held a Sunday service at Gratia Community Church in Christ. This time one new family visit to church Service together.

The minister preached a message from the book of Luke 15, He emphasized “The shepherd had 100 sheep, but then he lost one of them. By the way, he left 99 sheep in the open field and goes after the lost one. When we look at it, it does not make sense. Of course, 99 sheep is more important than 1 sheep. Let’s think about it. When we compare 99 to 1, of course, 99 are larger than 1. By the way, in this message, he left 99 on the open country, goes after the lost one. The math in the Kingdom of Heaven is different from the math on earth. It is impossible to interpret or analyze the love of God with our reason. With our reason, we cannot grasp it.”

He also said “Human is reasonable being. But according to today’s Jesus’ saying. We can see the different dimensional world. There is surpassing knowledge which is beyond the world of reason. Today’s verse teaches us that we have to know noble knowledge. In the Kingdom of Heaven, 1 sheep is bigger than 99 sheep. Because of its preciousness, he goes after it. It is his love for the lost sheep. And it is the love of God. This is a noble knowledge. It’s not common knowledge but noble knowledge. How can we know this noble knowledge? We can know it with faith. We cannot know this knowledge with our reason, but we can know it through only faith.”