Seattle Wed&Thursday Mediate on Romans 6 “Unity With Christ”

Seattle, Gratia Community Church (P) 

On May. 2nd and 3rd, 2018, the Gratia Community Church in Seattle, Washington held a Wed. Service and bible class at Gratia Community Church by Grace of God.

The pastor taught Romans 6:1-11. He said “The bible is not a simple book. It is true. There is a very deep world. In Luke 17, just as it was in the days of Noah, it will be in the days of the son of man. When you learn the old, you will know the new. What has happened in the past will be again. There is one God. When he saves mankind, his way is the same. So just as it was in the days of Noah ? so how was it? Noah was saved and he planted a vineyard. He washed his robes in wine. In the days of salvation, in the days of the son of man, this is the same as in the days of Noah.”

He also said “Genesis 49, Jacob¡¯s sons, he has a will for his sons. Judah, what kind of person is he? Jews came from Judah. After being taken captive, everything fell. But they became the center ? the Jews became the foundation. So the will of Jacob was very scary. Jacob said, Judah, you are a lion¡¯s cub. Like a lion, it comes out. Even in the time of being captives, his faith did not shake. You should wash your robes in wine. Your teeth will be whiter than milk. So with the truth and Holy Spirit, what happens when you wash your robes in wine? Does it become clean? It becomes redder. There is this deep spiritual world of truth. What must we do? We have been saved. Those who have received salvation, what must we do? We must not sin again.”

May the souls in Seattle follow the Word of truth. Please pray for God to work through them and expand the Gospel in the world.