Testifies ‘God Opened My Eyes to See Him’

Seattle church member named “Onesimus” grows well in his spiritual life through our church bible study. He didn’t know how to serve God through his life even though he knew that his life is not his own, but the best way to live well is by devotion and relying on God.

He has decided to follow the Christian life in our church community, to have bible study more, and to be committed. Below is his reflection after yesterday bible study.

“I’ve heard a lot about God’s love but never understood what it is or how it works in my life. Today I leaned that God is love and it is the purpose of creation and purpose of love for us.
“Life without love is life without God. What man can really live without love. At least he is supposed to live and has to love people. In this world there is deep darkness above and all around even they don’t know who their creator is.
“God’s love and his purpose is very clear and simple but people feel so hard to accept in this generation. We exist to love God and to love people as myself and should turn back from hatred. If people know about this true love, they will find an answer why they live and exist.
“God’s love was mysterious like I am blind but now his love opens my eyes to see his own image. Thank you for teaching and giving new life.”

Let’s pray for Onesimus’ growth in Seattle as he comes to know more about the love of God.