Friday Prayer Meeting “Parable Of Sowing Seeds”

On May. 4th 2018, the Gratia Community Church in Seattle, Washington held a Friday Prayer Meeting at Gratia Community Church by Grace of God.

The Pastor  taught Matthew 13:3-17 Parable Of Sowing Seeds. He said “It is said, “The wind does not blow on the tree with deep roots.” If there are deep roots, faith won’t be shaken by even the most intense persecution. Therefore, we must teach people a way to strongly withstand the growing persecutions and hardships. When spreading the message, we must always teach them to grow a deep root. It is not always easy. There will be a time of difficulties. The true leader is the one who can manage the crisis well, and the good believer is the one who can overcome the persecutions and trials in the path of faith. Life is not sailing along with a fair wind. The wind may be in opposition and will not always blow in the direction where the boat is heading. We need to be able to overcome and move on.”

After Sermon, they had a table fellowship and pray together in love of Christ.

May the souls in Seattle follow the Word of truth. Please pray for God to work through them and expand the Gospel in the world.